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  1. Paul Addresses the Temple Mob—Acts 22:1-21

    1. Paul’s Jewish roots—:1-3

    2. Paul’s Persecution of Christians—:4-5

    3. Paul’s Conversion to Christianity—:6-16 (NOTE: compare to conversion accounts in Chapters 9 and 26)

      1. A great light about noon—:6

      2. Jesus reveals Himself to Saul (Paul)—:7-8

      3. Companions aware but do not comprehend—:9

      4. Jesus’ instructions to Saul (Hebrew name) (Paul: Greek name)—:10

        1. Saul not yet saved (see :16)

        2. Sends Saul to a preacher (see :12-16)

      1. Paul led in blindness—:11

      2. Ananias came to Saul—:12-15

        1. Restored sight (miracle)

        2. Revealed God’s will for Saul

      3. Saul is baptized (see 9:18) to “wash away [his] sins”—:16 (NOTE: Baptism is clearly a requirement for salvation. Compare with Mk 16:16.)

    1. The Lord appears to Paul in Jerusalem—:17-21

      1. Paul praying in temple, in trance

      2. Warns Paul to get out of Jerusalem

        1. they [Jews] will not receive your testimony concerning Me.”

        2. I will send you far from here to the Gentiles.”

  1. The Jew’s FINAL REJECTION of the GOSPEL: Mob’s Reaction at the mention of the word “Gentiles”—Acts 22:22-23

    1. they listened to him until this word,

    2. they raised their voices and said,

      1. Away with such a fellow from the earth

      2. he is not fit to live

  1. Roman commander wants to learn truth about Paul by scourging—Acts 22:24-29

    1. Paul discloses his Roman citizenship—:25-28

    2. Citizens could not be scourged without opportunity to face accusers

    3. Paul saved from harm—:29

  2. Paul set before the Sanhedrin—:30