Sermon Outline


Adventuring in Faith

Hebrews 11:6



  1. People often love going on adventures.

    1. Go backpacking across Europe.

    2. Climb Mount Everest.

    3. Pioneers in the wild west.

  2. Some have adventures for the cause of Christ.

    1. Galina, imprisoned in Russia in 1979 for the gospel’s sake.

    2. Two Christians get married—divorce not an option if both faithful.

    3. Husband and father refuses to take a job that would compromise his principles.

    4. Raising children in the faith.

  3. All have adventures; all have doubts – not a dull existence.

  4. Many biblical examples: Abraham and Moses stand out.


  1. Abraham’s Adventure (Heb. 11:6).

    1. Went off to a land he did not know.

    2. Would we be so brave? Or would we argue?

    3. Abraham had such faith!

    4. Not to mention news of Isaac to be born.

    5. Especially when he was told to sacrifice him (Heb. 11:17-19).

  2. Moses’ Adventure (Heb. 11:24-27).

    1. He would have had great riches had he remained as a prince.

    2. In his rejection of Egypt, he did not fear the king’s wrath – what faith!

    3. Fear often leads us away from adventure.

    4. Moses did not let himself be afraid, and neither should we.
  3. Your Adventure.

    1. Must recall that a lack of faith prevented Israelites from entering Promised Land (Num. 14).

    2. They feared the “giants in the land.”

    3. What will happen to us if we do not overcome this fear with faith to do what the Lord commands?

    4. True faith brings understanding (Heb. 11:3) – this can conquer fear (False Evidence!).

    5. Paul quotes from Habakkuk (Rom. 1:16-17) – not ashamed, just live by faith!

    6. Habakkuk 1:4-6.

      1. God’s people surrounded by enemies.

      2. God worked something among them that was unbelievable.

      3. Nobody nation like the Chaldeans would rise up to take care of the evil in Judah.

      4. The just, wherever they are, will live by faith.

    7. Our monument of faith.

      1. Stephen was full of faith and power (Acts 6:8) – story preserved in Bible.

      2. The church in Rome had great faith known throughout the world (Rom. 1:8).

      3. If you taught someone the gospel, their lives stand as a monument.

      4. If you have raised children in Christ’s ways, they stand as a monument!


  1. The adventure of faith was never promised to be easy; all must take up our cross, count the cost.

  2. Abraham and Moses both had their struggles; still had faith!

  3. Let us not fear, but let us have the faith that brings the victory in Christ (1 Cor 15:57).