The Ministry of Jesus in Galilee

Mark 1:16—8:30

A New King (1:16—3:6).

Kingdom is Near (1:15)

  1. Popularity (1:16-45).

    1. First Disciples Called (1:16-20).

    2. Capernaum Synagogue (1:21-28).

    3. Healing Peter’s Mother-in-law & Others (1:29-39).

      1. After worshiping at the synagogue, they all go to Simon’s house (1:29).

        1. A lot of people we know lived here: Simon, Andrew, Simon’s wife, and Simon’s MIL (Peter is married! And stays married! 1 Cor. 9:5).

        2. We do not know if Andrew were married, or if there were any children or other in-laws or parents living here.

        3. Whatever the case, it is very likely that Simon and his wife were fulfilling the commandment to honor your mother and father.

        4. This shows Simon to be a righteous man.

        5. Then they all come immediately after worship, perhaps around lunchtime, to this house, including the other disciples Jesus had called by then: James and John.

      2. Location of Peter’s house.

        1. John 1:44 tells us that Peter and Andrew are from Bethsaida.

        2. It is possible that this is where they were born, but moved to Capernaum.

        3. “As soon as they had come out of the synagogue” suggests this house is very near to the synagogue.

        4. The traditional location for his house.

        5. They came to this conclusion because of certain archaeological evidence.

        6. This evidence showed that there was once a modest house here in the 1st century.

        7. The evidence showed that later it was no longer a residence but likely a place where Christians met to worship for 300 years.

        8. Then a Byzantine octagonal martyrium church was built on top to commemorate the site.

        9. Now a Catholic Church has built a modern place to worship on over this site.

      3. Jesus heals Simon’s MIL of her fever (1:30-31).

        1. They tell Jesus about her “at once” – still on the Sabbath Day!

        2. There is a big issue later in Ch. 3 over healing on the Sabbath, yet no one in Peter’s house was bothered by this miracle.

        3. All Jesus did was take her by the hand and lift her up—the fever left her.

        4. What does this say about Jesus? – That He has power over disease.

        5. His healing touch was so complete, she was able to serve them.

        6. That word “serve” implies that she attended to the needs of her guests.

        7. What needs might they have? Dinner, very likely.

        8. This is the same word used in Mark 1:13, when the angels “ministered” to Jesus after His stint in the wilderness.

      4. At evening, more people come to Jesus to be healed (1:32-34).

        1. This is after end of the Sabbath when people were free to move about more.

        2. They heard about His casting out the demon in the synagogue, and perhaps they heard about Peter’s MIL.

        3. But if He is offering healing, they were desperate to be healed.

        4. The whole city was gathered at Peter’s house, 1500 people—was everyone in the city sick? No, I’m sure many just wanted to see what was going on. People can be nosy.

        5. Out of those 1500, He healed many who were sick and demon-possessed (recall that demon-possession was much more common at this time).

        6. He still would not let the demons speak. Why? (Discussed earlier).

      5. Jesus’ purpose (1:35-39).

        1. After a long evening healing people, He still wakes up early to pray.

        2. He practiced what He preached, going to a solitary place (a room or closet) to pray (Matt. 6:6).

        3. A good time to pray is when no one else is around to disturb you.

        4. People were looking for Him—of course they were, perhaps there were others who needed healing. He had become popular.

        5. Whatever the case, it was His decision to go on to other nearby towns. Why? It was His purpose.

        6. Miracles were only secondary to His primary purpose: to preach! (1:14-15).

        7. Other purpose statements: (next week).

        8. He did not continue healing in Capernaum at this point, but moved on for now.

        9. He goes throughout all Galilee preaching and casting out demons.

        10. Jesus is destroying the devil’s work!